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Peruvian Rock History

Rock-n-Roll in Peru has its beginnings in 1957.   Peru was a pioneer of Rock-n-Roll music in Latin America.     In the 60s there were great bands with global significance. The Saicos in 1964 was one of the first bands in the world to use Punk sounds. The Golden Boys and The Shains made films in Mexico from 1963 to 1965. In 1968, bands like The Traffic Sound and The Mads were truly great (The Mads were invited by Mick Jagger himself to England in 1969 to open all concerts of The Rolling Stones in UK and the music of Traffic Sound is heard in UK and other countries of Europe,  even today).

In the 70s came legendary bands like Black Sugar, PAX and Telegraph Avenue. Also the creators of the first Fusion Rock-Andino, El Polen in 1972, of whom the Chilean group Los Jaivas (1976) consider themselves followers.


In the 80s era of military dictatorship and terrorism;  rock from Peru ceded its position to groups from Argentina and Mexico, Peruvian groups retaining only local significance.  It is worth noting however in this period the bands Arena Hash and Miki Gonzales Band, whose leaders become musical icons of Peru in the following decades.

However, from the 90s Peruvian rock was born again, with the high creativity that characterized it in previous decades. Now Peruvian groups come to the fore again, like Uchpa, La Liga del Sueño, Mar de Copas, Dolores Delirio, Crimson Death, Amen, Libido, Pedro Suarez Vertiz and others.

But it is in the 2000s that Peruvian rock achieves new international significance, with bands like Pelo Madueño, Emergency Blanket, Charlie Parra del Riego, Nautiluz, El Diario de Hank, Francoise Peglau, etc. The addition of stunning video technology makes this a very important period for Peruvian rock. For this reason we expect a return to the forefront of Rock in Latin America and to global recognition, like the Peruvian groups of the 60s-70s.

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